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Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions of use Hebergement Solutions

These conditions of use of the resources are intended to inform the consumer about the characteristics and limitations of the shared hosting offer.These terms and conditions are extracted from the terms of services of Hebergement Solutions.Please refer to the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy for all service rules.

Hebergement solutions offer an attractive quality of service and specifications thanks to a proven, completely redundant architecture that allows all your websites to be always available for your visitors.

Since it is a shared offer where several clients share the resources of several servers, it is important to establish certain rules to ensure harmonious cohabitation and quality of service for all users.

Please note that only Hebergement Solutions will be able to judge whether or not you comply with the terms of the offer "shared hosting", Listed below.

Storage space

This is the entire storage space you have when you subscribe to this offer.It includes all the content of your websites, log files, databases, backup copies, and email accounts.

You can of course use all the storage space allocated to you, but taking care to respect the restrictions listed below.

Constraints of using the web storage space

The space allocated to you is only allocated for the purpose of hosting your websites and it is therefore forbidden to use it for the purpose of massive personal storage of copies of backups or data that are not part of your sites.

If you find that you are using your space for massive personal storage, Accommodation Solutions may terminate the hosting agreement at any time by reimbursing the unused portion of the pre-paid subscription period.

System Resources

The most important limitation of the shared hosting service is the allocation of resources.The resources of the system are mainly the processor and the RAM, these resources are used by the software and by your websites.

For service customers "shared hosting" Hebergement Solutions Limits the use of system resources to 2%.This is a maximum of 2% of all system resources that can be used by a single client.This applies to all clients hosted on the same server.In addition, it is strictly forbidden to make the resources of your account available to the general public (whether for free or for a fee).

If your account uses too many system resources, Hebergement Solutions support staff will notify you.

Faced with this situation, you have 2 solutions, you can fix the problem by using fewer system resources or you can migrate to a vps server.In some cases, when the use of resources has the effect of reducing the availability of services from other clients, your site could be temporarily moved to an independent server for up to 48 hours to give you time to correct this situation.

These rules have been written in order to prevent misuse of services (bandwidth, disk space and system resources) and to ensure your complete satisfaction when you use the web hosting offerings of Hebergement Solutions.